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August 4th, 2016 by J

Unlike her character in X-Men, as Rogue, where she is sure to cause trouble the moment she let her bare skin touch another human being, Anna Paquin has all the freedom doing anything and everything she wanted when she’s her plain human self in real life. Yes, we talk about when she’s all naked and feeling horny like a bloodthirsty vampire hungry for both blood and hardcore sex, everything you need to see when it comes to Paquin’s wild side is in this leaked sex tape. I guess after watching her go naughty with this horny dude, getting her tight bunghole fingered and banged, there’s no doubt where she have mastered her role in the TV series True Blood as the feisty waitress, Sookie Stackhouse.

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Even before meeting her vampire fuck buddies, she’s already equipped with the lust for some hot anal-fingering and fucking. If you must know, the said TV series is filled with hardcore sex scenes not suitable for TV but they’ve worked some ways around it and still managed to expose Paquin’s addiction for anal sex. If you watch the show, you’d see the semblance pretty quick. She rides that dick so damn good!

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April 3rd, 2016 by J

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If you’ve watched Anna Paquin on the TV series True Blood, it’s no doubt you might hail her as one of the wildest supernatural creatures on the tube. From a geeky chick to a hardcore vampire fae, she was a handful and a half of pure hotness. No wonder her then co-star-turned-husband, Stephen Moyer, got hooked on her and it’s no longer just about fang banging anymore. For real, Anna is one hardcore woman who is so comfortable in her own skin, growing all those hairs even and exposing her naked body in public through masturbation videos like this.

Her hubby seems to approve of his wife’s unusual habits since he is the one who recorded this and uploaded it on the web. Anna couldn’t be more pleased as she teases him while playing with herself and she knows too well that her husband wouldn’t be able to contain himself and we can only guess what happened next the moment he got hard. They were nasty lovers on screen, fucking hard, ‘faking it’. But this is real life and Anna’s pussy is as wet as Stephen’s shaft’s tip, always ready to slip and slide for a hot fuck session.

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March 1st, 2016 by J

Whether you are a fan or not it’s easy to say what the TV series, True Blood, is all about. Yes, when there are vampires and werewolves, there’s a lot of hot sex involved. Anna Paquin was a part of the said show and she was hot as fuck. It’s like wild orgies all day everyday ever since she got involved with the supernatural beings. If you ever wonder how she is with her sex life in real life, then you can stop daydreaming and watch this video. Turns out, she’s not just into different species of man but she also likes the taste of hot and wet pussy. She was trying to get some new hires for her upcoming project and for security purposes she has to record every single person that she talks to.

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This sexy lady seemed to hit some naughty nerves while going over the interview and they kinda went on the kinky talk of things, which started to fire them up. Discussing feisty roles was making Anna hot and it didn’t take long when she saw just how delish this woman in front of her was. Taking their clothes of, touching each other, until lying down and eating each other’s pussy was like going wild onscreen again. Let’s just say, Anna’s inner vamp and that electric touch Rogue has went haywire and they can’t stop tasting each other until they got all juiced up and went on the face. Good thing the camera went rolling and recorded every single angle of kinky lesbo play Anna has with this chick.

Anna Paquin Fully Nude With Two Studs In Magazine Cover!

August 30th, 2010 by ann

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Anna Paquin is freaking hot! The sexy Kiwi actress has posed naked and splattered in fake blood while being groped by her boyfriend and a co-star for the cover of the latest Rolling Stone magazine.  Anna posed for the provocative shot entwined with her True Blood co-stars Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard to promote their hit vampire show.  The three appear on the cover of the September 2, 2010 edition along with the headline, “They’re hot, they’re sexy, they’re undead”. Anna shows off her perky boobs, toned butt and her creamy skin on the cover. The alluring young actress is comfortable appearing naked since she and other cast member regularly go nude for the show and get into intensely steamy sexual situations, as you can see from these hot naked pictures of Anna Paquin.

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Anna, who is engaged to Moyer, discussed her outing as a bisexual in the magazine’s accompanying interview. The fuckable Oscar-winner was quoted as saying: “I’m not sure what the reaction was, but I’m glad I did it. There’s such an impulse to turn it into a sensational thing, when what I was really hoping to say is that it’s normal and not interesting. I feel so lucky now. Life is pretty great.” You can see more of Anna’s nubile hot body  by checking out these nude photos of Anna Paquin.

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Anna Paquin’s Lesbian Sessions

April 21st, 2010 by ann

I’m sure you’ve all heard the news.  Anna Paquin just recently outed herself as a bisexual in a public service announcement for the Give a Damn campaign. This came out as part of the True Colors Fund, a group organized by Cyndi Lauper to advocate and lobby for LGBT equality.  And all this at while dating Stephen Moyer for hmmm… a few years now?  That Paquin sure is a funny chick.

But in case you’re wondering whether her public announcement was true, fear not because we’ve got dirty pics of Anna Paquin engaged in lusty lesbian sex!  Yes, she really likes girls (especially when they lick her pussy!)  That’s what she was caught doing in the first pic, which had some hot blonde squatting on the floor while Anna stands over her, enjoying the cunnilingus session she’s getting!

And then there’s her erotic naked pic with Jennifer Garner!  Now there’s no cunt-licking going on in that photo but there’s a lot of sexual tension between the two and it makes you wonder what they did when the camera was somewhere else!  So yes, Anna Paquin does like some muff-diving to go with her sausage-swallowing, and I’m wondering whether that makes Stephen Moyer one lucky guy or whether he should be checking up on his girlfriend all the time!  I mean there are so many hotties out in Hollywood and you can’t just ignore the eyecandy that goes past you every single time, right?

So check out Anna Paquin Nude if you like the sort of sensual, carnal escapades that our little rogue gets into these days!

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July 8th, 2009 by ann

Now here is something for all of you Anna Paquin fans out there (most especially her male fans), we have yet uncovered a treasure trove of sleazy goodies from this X-Men star and now you can get to see Anna in all of her naked glory with a collection of her hot and revealing naked pictures. These never-before-seen photos are truly a catch and you can drool yourselves with delight as you see her hot pair of tits and smooth pink pussy flashing in front of you as she spreads and teases in a variety of seductive and naughty poses.

Anna Paquin is just oozing with lust in these photos and I’m pretty much sure you would want to take out your dicks and start jerking over them, but before you get all gung-ho with your little buddy downstairs, be sure to check out Anna Paquin Nude today and get more of this Hollywood hottie’s secret sleaze that you won’t find anywhere else.

Anna Paquin Experiments With Some Kinky Bondage

November 5th, 2008 by ann

For a horny, lusty slut like Anna Paquin, sex is something she’s just got to have everyday, and being a hottie like her, she gets it.  But even having steak everyday can be tiring after a while, and you start craving for other dishes to spice up your palate.  Well, for someone who gets a lot of the usual wham-and-bam, there are different options available, and it looks like Anna Paquin’s chosen to go with the S&M route.  It’s just light bondage she’s trying out here anyway, so she won’t be marked by any scars, hopefully.  Seeing Anna Paquin chained and cuffed like that is a sizzling hot sight though, isn’t it?  A complex individual like Anna Paquin can even use this experience to further enhance her impressive acting chops.  Bondage is a very liberating experience after all, and even someone already as free with her actions as Anna can always use a little more lust!

We’d all like a little more lust too, don’t we?  Well, you can have that when you check out Anna Paquin getting really raunchy by clicking on that link back there…

Anna Paquin In Hardcore Action

November 5th, 2008 by ann

Just who is is this guy that Anna Paquin hooked up with?  It’s like he’s got her under his spell, with all the pussy pounding he gets to do on her sweet snatch.  She’s even got a partly glazed look on her face, so you don’t know if she’s really enjoying this as much as she should, but then she’s always been a subtle actress.  The fact that she’s looking right at the lens of the camera documenting her nasty, kinky fuck session shows that she’s lucid and aware of what she’s doing.

I guess that’s just the expression she always has when she’s being fucked by a really big cock.  There looks to be three separate sessions represented here, though it may just be one long fuck session where Anna Paquin tries on some different lingerie.  Whew!  That would make her a really insatiable cockslut, being capable of multiple fuck sessions like that.  And as for the guy, of course he’d be capable of fucking her over and over — that’s prime Hollywood pussy he’s got wrapped around his boner, and that’s celebrity toes he’s nibbling on while banging her!

Seeing Anna Paquin nude like this and doing all these dirty things is a fantasy come true, but there’s more where that came from, which you’ll see if you click on that link back there.

Anna Paquin Fisting Her Pussy

November 5th, 2008 by ann

Anna Paquin’s grown up to become a real wild child, it seems.  Although she may be smart and have a level head on her shoulders, there’s still no avoiding the Hollywood lifestyle sometimes, and so she goes out to party once in a while.  But this picture shows something kinkier and wilder than any regular ol’ party.  She’s all alone here, so I guess she must be getting lonely, because she’s completely naked and stuffing her hand up her moist, slippery gash.  She even sets up the camera to take a pic of her doing it, or that’s what I assume, because if there’s anyone there with her, I bet she’d hump them straight away, judging by how horny she’s feeling.  It’s pretty impressive how much of her hand she can fit in that smooth pussy of hers.  You’ll definitely be sprouting wood in a jiffy when you check out this pic, or even any of her other kinky pics that you can find by clicking on this link!

Anna Paquin Caught With Her Tits Showing At A Party

November 5th, 2008 by ann

Anna Paquin gets wet and wild in what looks like some sort of warehouse party or rave in this photo caught at the event.  She’s wearing something really skimpy, and she’s drenched in sweat and water.  As to how skimpy her outift is, the tiny top barely covers her boobs, and that’s during normal circumstances.  Here it’s been subjected to who-knows-how-many hours of dancing and partying, and as a result, it’s been pulled to the side a bit, thus causing one of Anna Paquin’s titties to pop out of the slits cut into the design.  This is one of the hottest examples of oops-moment nipple shots I’ve ever seen, because Anna’s already almost totally exposed, and she’s all moist and slippery from all that intense partying.  Absolutely yummy!

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