Anna Paquin In Hardcore Action

Just who is is this guy that Anna Paquin hooked up with?  It’s like he’s got her under his spell, with all the pussy pounding he gets to do on her sweet snatch.  She’s even got a partly glazed look on her face, so you don’t know if she’s really enjoying this as much as she should, but then she’s always been a subtle actress.  The fact that she’s looking right at the lens of the camera documenting her nasty, kinky fuck session shows that she’s lucid and aware of what she’s doing.

I guess that’s just the expression she always has when she’s being fucked by a really big cock.  There looks to be three separate sessions represented here, though it may just be one long fuck session where Anna Paquin tries on some different lingerie.  Whew!  That would make her a really insatiable cockslut, being capable of multiple fuck sessions like that.  And as for the guy, of course he’d be capable of fucking her over and over — that’s prime Hollywood pussy he’s got wrapped around his boner, and that’s celebrity toes he’s nibbling on while banging her!

Seeing Anna Paquin nude like this and doing all these dirty things is a fantasy come true, but there’s more where that came from, which you’ll see if you click on that link back there.

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